Product Applications

JDMIX Static Mixers are used in every industry for a variety of blending and dispersion applications. Below is a list of typical applications for your custom designed static mixer:

Water and Wastewater Treatment   Pulp and Paper
Polymer dilution
pH control
Sludge mixing
Ozone mixing
Chemical addition
  Pulp bleaching
Stock dilution
Stock consistency control
pH control
Chemical preparation
Coating preparation
White water chest heating
Petrochemical and Refining   Chemical
Custody transfer
Gas scrubbing
Lube oil blending
Naphtha addition
  Dilution of acids and bases
pH control
Aqueous dispersions
Food   Plastics
Paste dilution
Blending food constituents
Starch dilution
Washing fats and oils with acid
  Catalyst blending
Reactant blending
pH control
Additive mixing






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